Stillhouse 100k

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Course Description

The Stillhouse 100k trail run consists of an out-and-back of the cult classic, point-to-point Upchuck 50k that runs on the technically challenging single track of the Cumberland Trail. This course has huge climbs and descends into Soddy Creek, Possum Creek, and Rock Creek. One of the best 50k courses you will ever do, the “double” will easily be one of the harder 100k courses in the Southeast. This is a serious endeavor and possibly your most challenging 100k effort. There will only be three aid stations outbound--roughly every 10 miles. There will be a required equipment/gear list. With close to 12,000ft of elevation gain, this is a difficult run and will not be open for beginner ultra runners. It is the perfect course to test the mettle of those seasoned ultra runners looking to take the next step towards a 100 miler. Registration will be capped at 125 participants and prerequisite experience will be required and scrutinized.

Cut off is 19 hours!

Aid Stations

  • Heiss Mountain Rd miles 13/48 Full aid
  • Retro Hughes Rd miles 23/39 Full aid
  • Legget Rd mile 31 turnaround Full Aid

Drop Bags

Heiss Mountain Rd and Legget Rd (turnaround)

Aid stations will have water, Powerade, prepacked chips, gummy bears. There will be ramen and quesadillas or grilled cheese sandwiches at mile 31.

Packet Pick Up

Packet Pick up 4/19: 10:00-11:30pm at the Start/Finish

Required Gear

  • Minimum required gear:
  • Hydration pack/vest/belt
  • minimum of 1 liter/34oz. of water
  • shell jacket (wind or rain)
  • Insulating layer
  • beanie (weather dependent)
  • gloves (weather dependent)
  • headlamp/flashlight (w/ extra batteries)
  • emergency blanket (weather dependent)
  • nutrition

We recommend having a drop bag for the turnaround at mile 31 (Legget Rd. Trailhead Aid Station) with change of clothes, socks, shoes, etc.


Pacers will be allowed from the turnaround (mile 31) at the Legget Road aid Station. Pacers may be picked up at Legget Rd Aid Station (mile 31) and/or Heiss Mountain Road aid station (mile 49).
Crew can access runners at Heiss Mountain Road aid station (outbound-mile 18), Legget Road aid station (mile 31) and Heiss Mountain Road aid station (inbound-mile 49).
Only 1 pacer per runner at a time.

Stillhouse 100k

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